Thursday, September 11, 2008

LHC beam turn on - watched from Fermilab!;-)

It was a funny party, started 1:30am, after I finished my shift at the DØ at midnight. It was a cold night, fog was circulating in the air, blown from water ponds inside the Tevatron accelerator ring, car windows were covered with moisture. A security car stopped me when I was entering the road inside the ring, just checking that I have a valid Fermi ID. After 3km drive, I parked at the High Rise building, people already gathering in the Wilson hall with eyes fixed at the large LCD screens at the CMS experiment remote control room transmitting the LHC start-up from Cern. Cookies, juice, coffee, physicists as well as QuarkNet and other students, people all excited, expectant, high-spirited, hand clapping, talking and enjoying. I went to sleep at 5am, but the experience was worth it!

Tuesday, September 9, 2008

So LHC is starting up! We've been waiting for this for years!
And while it starts to happen in Cern, I am in Fermilab: attending a pajama party at 1:30am!
BBC link, End of the Wordl link.

While many contrasts still exist in the world... (from the BBC web page)

Monday, September 8, 2008

Another working day...

...dopoledne meetig mezi dvěma místními experimenty, déšť a mokrý asfalt, sám a spokojen na obědě, přišel nám dopisek, odpoledne edituju thesis, posílám instrukce po mailu, pouštím další sadu statistických testů, usínám v křesle, usínám na podlaze kanceláře, a konečně snad už brzo domů.