Thursday, March 8, 2012

Doug Moehs

It has been five years since Geoff Savage wrote the email about Doug's death, and I remember very vividly this picture of Doug and his 3-year old son in Fermi Today few months earlier the same year of 2007. I am still so much touched by knowing his little Eric lost his father so early. They seem so happy in the picture. Doug must have been a great man and a great father. I have not met him in person, but I was in Fermilab a lot during that year. I wished I could do something. He seems to be greatly missed. My thoughts to his family.
I remembered him after CDF and D0 experiments announced evidence for Higgs in H to bb channel yesterday; I remembered Fermilab, the prairie, my eternal melancholic walks there.
Doug lived in close-by Naperville.
Who has had the right to interrupt his family happiness..?